Numerology is an ancient technique of understanding the different vibrational levels of numbers. It dates back for as long as civilization has been able to count. Many different civilizations believed in the power of numerology such as, the Babylonians, Phoenicians and the Hebrews. Many believe that anything in existence, seen and unseen can be broken down into a number, (including the alphabet) creating a simplistic understanding of symbology of that item. You can use Numerology in many different avenues of life, such as understanding a person’s personality, life path or destiny, spiritual path and expression. Numerology can also be used for understanding your house number or even your business number

Priya is a famous Numerologist in Delhi, India and NCR. Priya has been practicing Numerology in New Delhi and NCR for many years. She has helped people in their personal lives by making changes in their names i.e. carrying out name corrections. Priya has also helped Business Houses and companies who were not performing that well, by changing their names numerologically thereby helping these companies/ business houses on the path of progress/ good luck.

Numerology is indeed considered as the occult science of numbers as well as their logical derivatives. It is also the combination and result of mathematics and astrology. Numerical sequence was arranged by our ancestors as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9.They symbolically represent the nine planets of solar system.

Atmospheric sounds, their nature and wavelength of various colours emanating from 9 planets were observed through extensive research by ancient Indian philosophers, various spiritual saints and seers 10,000 years ago. Research findings on sound waves rise to alphabet of English language ( which is indeed mixture of many European languages like Greek , Latin etc).letters of the English alphabet were allocated to each planet and were given numerical values appropriate to that planet, thus numerology came into existence.

In cosmic world all are created equal but with the interaction of elements and sound vibrations in varying degrees, one man becomes different from the other. This there are 9 types of personalities corresponding to 9 planets.

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