A vast majority of people face one or two immediate problems. Now these could be regarding love, marriage, travel, family, health etc. Priya realized that it did not make much sense for a person to pay for a full reading as the person may have questions relating to one or two aspects. Hence to be of more use to her esteemed clientele she devised a strategy where a person paid only for the questions he asked.

This means that if one prefers to get a reading done only for love, or health or career etc then the person has to pay only for that and not for an entire tarot reading. This is much appreciated by all of Priya’s clients as now one can reserve reading only for a certain aspect and can ask end number of questions related to that topic. This is a boon to several of her clients.
Customized readings that one may opt for are:

  • Love and Marriage
  • Finance and Career
  • Family and Friends
  • Black Magic
  • Counselor
  • Health and Life Span
  • Spirituality
  • Education
  • Travel

Questions to ask?
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