A tarot card reader, based on the cards you choose out of a particular deck, will enlighten you on how you feel about yourself at present. This will include how you rate your actions and how you find your activities to be. The reader will tell if you feel good or bad about yourself or if there’s a mixed bag of feelings. During the session you will also be told about what you dearly desire at present and what your various fears in life are. The reader will solve your particular problems but will also guide you in general about whatever is going for or against you and will also predict the probable outcome of your actions that are directed towards the aspirations and wants in your life.

Rarely will one come across tarot readers whose skills transcend the barriers of time and space and provide with clarity, clear and precise answers to the most challenging questions that one may fathom. Priya in this reading answers all questions related to any aspect of a client’s life.

She answers questions that could be from diverse fields such as love, marriage and health to travelling, education, career and what lies in the future. She requests her clients to ask as many questions as they please related to them so that they are completely satisfied and content before the reading comes to a close. She does not put any restrictions on the amount of time one may use to ask these questions thus ensuring that clients are at ease when putting their questions without the fear of time running out.

Customized readings that one may opt for are:

  • Love and Marriage
  • Finance and Career
  • Family and Friends
  • Black Magic
  • Counselor
  • Health and Life Span
  • Spirituality
  • Education
  • Travel

Questions to ask?
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