Priya Agarwal

Tarot Reading . Telephonic Readings . Healing . Numerology . Reiki . Sai Sanjeevni . Gem Therapy

My journey into the mystic world began around five years back. I discovered Reiki; my life took a turn which was completely unexpected. After Reiki came bhakti, astrology, crystals, tarot and spiritual healing …..

When a person comes to me for a tarot session, they feel healed too. My thought here is that every person who has come to me for guidance must walk out a lighter, and a happier person, with clarity in the problem they came to me with.

I believe each person on earth has his or her own divine connection and their own purpose in life. This divine connection is a hotline to our thoughts, positive or negative. Most of us begin to move towards the negative side of thinking when life starts testing us, and without even realizing it, we begin to attract harder situations in our lives. Our own thoughts can hence heal… not only our physical self, but also our situations in life.

My readings and healings are based on my training, knowledge and experience. My suggestions are not a substitute for any medical treatment. The results are subjective and unique to each person. Since people react differently to different situations, the results and guidance vary from person to person.

Join me for a tarot session, or a chakra / aura cleansing. Discover the effect of the theta state, and learn to love life!

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